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 Meditation is necessary to co-resonate with the new accelerated  planetary transformation.

BILL'S PLANETARY PERSPECTIVE october - november 2019

Personal and Certain Collective Activations

I know. I know.  I've been ranting about "Awakening" for years. A lot of people call it "Ascension." 

I see this present time as an opportunity to really make some quantum activations in our spiritual growth. So many of us have been consciously evolving for years, now.  Many of us have also been working to actively awaken the populace for years.  

I see these times as a Stellar Activation event combined with   a Final Conflict Drama.  Depending on how you look at it, there are only 2 or 4 times during a 26,556 year cycle that ascension opportunities present themselves.  If a soul is prepared, he can move to a higher stratum of consciousness.  We have been in one of these alignments for the past 20 years.  


At the same time, huge races of fallen beings are facing their own choices, as well. Their demise is by their own hand.  Black hole deaths are part of the design of natural law.

I now realize that some people are just not wired for an activation -- they don't have the DNA. They may only have a 9, 10, 11 strand DNA potential.  Also, some are young souls.  I have met several people who are experiencing their first Earth lifetime in human form.  

Some people, although they are in human form, are hybrids, a combination of fallen and Angelic races.  The diversity of this stuff is beyond comprehension. 

And some people have been badly damaged by the dramas here, on this planet. Most of us have had horrendous lifetimes at some point.  


But what is happening? Despite thousands and thousands of years of being lied to, deceived, poisoned, mind-controlled, annihilated, covertly mis-led with dis-information and mis-information, the Angelic HUman design is emerging from this attempt to destroy and replace it.

This is a free-will sector of the cosmos.  We can do whatever we want. But this free-will game board was set up with a parameter of rules -- natural laws.  If I create with the Purpose Of Life (the Will of Source), then I am considered a Co-Creator and my creations will become part of Creation. (notice the usage of caps) If I create with my self-will (ego), then I am creating mis-creations. Mis-creations are not part of Creation. Black holes are for mis-creations.  The mis-creations will cease to exist. They are recycled back into the consciousness and energy warehouses of Source. 

Some of the creator-gods started to create outside the Purpose for Life.  They started creating beings that would serve their quest for power and control. They built their legions and armies. They built their technologies. These beings were allowed to evolve, to see what would happen.  Attempts were made by these fallen beings to forcibly splice the Angelic HUman DNA code into their legions so they could open up Star Gates, etc.  Often this was done by forced rapes of both sexes in breeding camps.

So these legions of service-to-self beings kept reproducing and expanding their control and self-will, wanting to take over the complete time matrix;  and after this conquest, other time matrices.  Planet Earth was one of the major centers for these dramas of conquest and competition and dominance. 


These races and their fallen intentions were created with an Intention that was not aligned with the Will of the Purpose for Life.  When something is created within time, it is not eternal. So these races are now facing their own finite demise.  This is why I believe that ALL PEOPLE WHO ARE IN HUMAN FORM WILL NOT ASCEND.   Only those who were designed, by Intent, to be eternal beings are able to go on to the next levels, if they have chosen to do so..  


Angelic HUmans are eternal beings who can travel anywhere in Source's Creation. We are watching the end of this multi-millennium drama play out on this planet. We are watching the twitching and final thrashing of the death throes of a race that was created outside of Creation. 

Despite all that has been thrown at Angelic HUmankind, an inner knowing has emerged from within these beings.  To me, this is a victory for the designers of the Angelic HUman. If you are one of these people who knows that it is time to Awaken, I encourage you to actively do so.  If you need support and encouragement, the Oneness Doorway Group has discussions and exercises every Sunday afternoon.  Our group shows people what is happening to  our reality, what to expect, how to adapt, and what is necessary to harmonize with this new paradigm of beingness.  


Moving out of polarity, victimhood, judgement.

Understanding "ascension."

  Adapting to being present.

Alignment with Universal Mind. 

Learning to use our multi-dimensional and multi-density aspects and connections.

We are also fully aligned with the 12-Step community. We are aligned with Natural Law. We serve the Highest Intention.  

And we laugh at ourselves, often.

In the Fellowship of the Spirit,

Bill Mitnik 



land 413 562 0582

text  413 209 7566

no drugs, pot or alcohol, please. 

Innocent sincerity is respected

Pot luck food, snacks, teas, soft drinks, etc.

We are regular people.  This thing is free.


why learn about the structure of your own soul?

Know Your Choices. Chart Your Evolution -- Go to VIDEO page to learn this most important information that has been brought to HUmankind.

Why should I be interested in the Tangible Structure of my own Soul?

As most of you know who read this site, our world is going through a megaleap in consciousness.    This has been predicted for thousands of years and, yes, here it is.  We chose to be here in this lifetime so that we could experience  this amazing event.  

So, if we are leaving 3D, where are we going?  A lot of people are deciding to stay on-planet and are working to raise the planet back into Harmonic Universe Two (sometimes called 5D). Looking at the charts on this site, you will see that Harmonic Universe 2 is  higher e strata of consciousness composed of  dimensions 4,5 and 6..  The New Agers call this Harmonic Universe 2, "The Fifth Dimension."  12-Steppers know that the Big Book refers to the Fouth Dimension, twice.  But there is more.

As we assemble, awaken and harmonize our DNA, more of the greater reality comes into view and we can participate with it.  If we were like Jesus, we could participate with 12 Dimensions.  Jeseua-12, (see Ashayana Dean's Voyagers II, Second Edition) for instance, had mastered matter .  He could bi-locate, create the loaves and bread, water into wine, speak in 17 languages at once, bi-locate around the planet -- all this stuff - because he had mastered the 12 Dimensions of matter.  He is also alleged to have said something like, "You can do all these things that I do, and more."  What does this mean? It means that when we awaken ourselves into  the great beings that we truly are, yes, we will have mastered matter, too.

The first lessons that the science of creation teaches is the structure of the time matrix. Then we can understand how our own individuation is connected.  Also, then, we can begin to understand the dimensionalized structures of realities where the different ETs come from, too. You will understand where you come from and where you are going. If you are planning to go "Home", you will know where "Home" is.  

Look at the diagrams displayed on this page once a week for a few months and see what happens to you. Each week, a little bit more of your own DNA will be awakened, and things will start to make sense.  


Angelic HUman soul structure

Moving Beyond 3D. We are Awakening


Increasing numbers of us are having experiences beyond 3D, especially meditators. We are Activating more of our soul's tangible multidimensional and multi-density structure. We are Awakening more of our innate composition of consciousness that has been covertly blocked from us for thousands of years. Because we are an Ascension Planet, now, this information has been reintroduced to our planet to help us understand the structure of our soul.

Awakening to Harmonic Universe 2

The New Emerging Reality


Harmonic Universe 2 (HU-2) is also a three-dimensional reality. It is composed of Dimensions 4, 5 and 6. The experience of linear time is very different; our life experience becomes living almost in the present moment. We perceive more of reality, like energy fields around people, plants, etc. Many "New Agers" call this evolutionary experience, "The Fifth Dimension." It is the experience of Harmonic Universe Two, which is comprised of Dimensions 4, 5 and 6.

the experience of harmonic universe 3

Beyond 5D


As we evolve, we awaken more of our DNA and energetic structure. We perceive more, understand more, and participate increasingly with the finer, more etheric particles and attributes of manifestation. We begin to manifest Intentions as well as matter more quickly.  Harmonic Universe Three (HU-3) is the 3-dimensional experience of Dimensions, 7, 8 and 9. 

Sathya Sai Baba, (1926-2011), a 9D guru (I think) was well-known for his orange jump-suit garb.  I know 2 people who received manifested gems right out of his hands.  There is a YouTube video that records many similar manifestations.  He also put together a project in India that fed 30,000 people a day.  

The "miracles" of another 9D Avatar, (the Mary and Joseph) Jesewua, are popularized in contemporary Christian literature .

As we evolve, we awaken more of our DNA and energetic structure. We perceive more, understand more, and participate increasingly with the finer, more etheric particles and attributes of manifestation. We begin to manifest Intentions as well as matter more quickly.  Harmonic Universe Three (HU-3) is the 3-dimensional experience of Dimensions, 7, 8 and 9. and 9. 

Harmonic Universe 4

Maximizing the HUman DNA Potential


The Angelic HUman body carries a 12 strand signature. Only about 25% of the people in HUman form are Angelic HUman (I would guess).

Angelic HUmans, because of their DNA, can embody the 12 Dimensions of matter manifestation.  They have the potential to master matter. These masters can appear and disappear, bi-locate and talk in 17 languages at once.  The Avatar, Jesheua Melchizedek was called a 12-strand Avatar.  His DNA was activated.  He had mastered matter.  This is not an exact quote but didn't Jesus say, "You can do all these things that I do, and more?"  So Angelic HUmans have the potential to be like the contemporary Jesus, by His own words.  

  Harmonic Universe 4 (HU-4) is comprised of dimensions 10, 11 and 12.

Harmonic universe 5

At the Edge Of Time and Matter


As a soul continues its journey within time and matter, they will continue to assemble aspects of themselves.  These aspects of themselves were originally  refracted into 1728 dimensions and subdimensions so that the soul could experience itself within time and matter. 

After a period of experiencing itself within time and matter, (often many thousands of years in Earth-time), the soul may decide to reassemble itself and leave the time matrix.  At the Harmonic Universe 5 level, (HU-5) the soul has left the matter densities and now exists in liquid light form, Thermoplasmic and Hydroplasmic liquid light structures that serve as embodiments for their energetic soul signatures.

outside of the time matrix

A true Ascended Master has ascended out of time and matter (outside of the time matrix)


As we continue our ascent out of time and matter, we leave the liquid light forms of Harmonic Universe 5 (HU5).

Our Ascended Master individuations (souls) now exist more as radiations of consciousness.  Of course there is no more physical form.  There are three levels of individuated consciousness that exist outside of time and matter: The Triadic, the Polaric and the Eckatic.  The Eckatic level is the closest that an individuated emanation can get to Source, without becoming one with Source. Even then, it is also part of an energetic collective of consciousness. 

And, if you want to become one with Source, this is the road map. Have we ever left the mind of Source?  I hope you're having fun.  

Of course I have presented here only a very rough illustration of the structure of our soul essence. There is much to learn. Our only purpose is to be helpful, and maybe trigger more interest in your own evolution.  

Much of the idea for this presentation came from Ashayana Deane who represents the MCEO on planet Earth during these times.  She is responsible for bringing forth to Planet Earth many of the Keylontic Science teachings and many books.  Thank you, Ashayana, for your Sacred Service to this planet, HUmankind and this Time Matrix.  What a Mission you took on!  Wow!

Bill Mitnik

Our current efforts



We have heard from a person north of San Francisco and another person from Central MA these past 2 weeks who have reported that peopla are Waking up all over the place.  People in our own group, the past 6 weeks, have  had deeper experiences that  were beyond their imagination. They have been beyond anything they could have expected.  They are in the form of realizations spiritual experiences that are profound.

The common trend seems to support the fact that the whole planet continues to experience these heightened energies.  What a great opportunity to take some big evolutionary leaps. 


We begin with attendeee Introductions, then we have a Discussion about our current individual and planetary progress; and then an experiential Harmonization and Activation period.  

Snacks and drinks provided. Pot Luck food.  Free.  Click on picture for TRAVEL DIRECTIONS.  

 413 562 0582




Once again, we connect our hearts and minds together.  I have  talked with several people this past week and find that, they too, are  personally experiencing this planetary consciousness change.

Personal relationships are getting more and more confusing as we move  away from linear time which continues to collapse. Many say that time is  "speeding up." For years I have heard that the new reality would be  experienced more in the present moment.  What if one partner is ready  for 5D, or Higher, and the other is not aware at all? What happens to  the relationship when one person ascends and the other doesn't?

Many people have been trying to adapt to these planetary changes with  electronic devices that allow multitasking and more efficient ways of  scheduling, etc.  Twenty years ago I heard that the more electronics a  civilization gets, the stupider it gets. One very apparent  example of  this that I've noticed are GPSs that point the way for people. We are  losing our natural sense of direction and blindly depending upon the  GPS. We are giving our innate power and abilities away. No, electronic  gadgets are not the answer.

Our own perception of ourselves as a person is not what it used to be  because our self-definition is changing.  We are at a point of great  self-discovery. We are discovering that we are great multi-dimensional,  multi-density beings!  .

This week I have heard that some people from north central Massachusetts  have consciously made the "no more 3D" mind decision. They are  committed to focusing upon recognizing and adapting to the new energies.  They are mindful, now, of not getting distracted by non-essential 3D  activities that no longer serve our evolutionary growth. Maybe they will  start a "No More 3D" movement!

On Sundays, here, during our Activation and Harmonization time, we  continue to discover our true identities.  We are becoming aware that  our finite selves are merging with our eternal selves.  We are realizing  that we, as Angelic HUmans, are beginning to experience the fact that  we are capable of being formless as well as having form.  The matter  world that we have been experiencing for thousands of years is now in  question.  I love to humorously say, "You can't trust reality any more."  

We are moving away from linear time and beginning to experience what it might be like to live in the present moment.  

We have been experiencing time and matter for many lifetimes, but we are  now moving into a period where we also experience timelessness. When we  are in the present moment, that is the "real" reality.  That is where  we can connect to our Source.  And when we connect to our Source, we  find that, yes, we are one with Source. The Christian Master is alleged  to have said, "I and The Father are One."  

We have been taught for many generations that God is "up there" and we  are "down here." And that we are not good enough to connect to God.  We  watch these old religions dying, or modernizing.  Many are moving to the  "Celebrate Recovery" model which is adapted from AA's Twelve Steps.  Otherwise they would die.

Meditators who are able to be fully present in the present moment have  discovered their true identity.  The missing part of the formula has  been uncovered.  Yes, we are rebirthing and discovering the now moment.   This is where we discover All That Is. We are discovering who we really  are.  Many of us are here to bring Love and Divinity into dense  physicality. We are bringing formlessness into form.

Being fully present in the present moment is where we let go of separation, and realize Conscious Contact.  At last.

Bill Mitnik
Oneness Doorway Group

Sundays at 1:30 PM  potluck foods, snacks, no alcohol, pot or drugs please.  12-Step friendly.   
139 Feeding Hills Road, Cabin C, Westfield, MA.
Contact Bill M @ 413 562 0582 (land)..


You know that I think you  are the best and I know that you are aware that profound changes are  happening to our world; and if you observe things from a  logic-and-reason 3D perspective, things can look very scary.

 And yet, there is something else happening at the same time. It doesn't  seem to be coming from the North, South, East or West. There is a new  way of be-ing that is emerging from within.  These new Higher  vibrational frequencies are affecting everything at the  atomic level.   Energy fields around people, plants and minerals are easily observable  by many people, now.  Those who are aware of this profound  transformation try and nurture it every day, in some way.

Many,  within my field of contacts, are spending more and more time in  meditation. They try and expand their spiritual awareness any time of  the day that they can.  These Awakening people often feel an urgency to  do this at this time.  Old perceptions are out  the window. The old  dying corrupt reality that we have lived in for such a long time, now  seems boring, and we are impatient that we have to endure it for a while  longer.

Many of us are developing the awareness that there  are many realities. We realize now that we can have more than one  perspective about a drama, and they are all valid and they are all  "me."  We are aware that we are perceiving more, that we understand  more,   We are becoming more efficient with our thinking and actions.   We waste less time with things that we know no longer serve our personal  growth.  

While we are more loving, understanding and more  accepting of everyone, we prefer to be with co-resonant people.  I have  made the choice to evolve and serve others, you can do whatever you  want. There is not judgement. There is only understanding. I respect   other people's free-will choices. Bless us all.

Profound  spiritual experiences continue for many of us. Many of these experiences  are beyond our present ability to understand what is happening, but  there is an inner knowing that all is well and that we will understand  it all, one of these days.

I am sending you the Best Vibes that I can out to you and your collective.

While "knowing what is going on" is important, I feel that it is a trap to focus on whistle-blowers and expose' dramas.  When we focus on the old, dying, corrupt reality, we are taking our attention away from the new emerging Energies.  

I feel that it is most important to nurture our own energetic signature by clearing ourselves, serving others constantly, and meditating on what I like to think of as the Source Of Love and the Source of Life and the Source of All That is.  To do this, we have to put in the time for meditation. In a matter world such as ours, this can be difficult because of all of the distractions: sex, the web, power, money, pride, etc. Is there anything more important in my day than my visit with my Higher Power?



All my Love,  Bill .



I am glad that you are one of the people who try and remain positive about your life. And for many of us, it is more than being "positive." It is finally happening. Really happening. We are finally waking up to who we really are;  great multidimensional and multi density beings.  

We observe a sea of people around us who are acting out in fear, today. They seem to have anchored themselves in polarity by liking or hating Trump, for instance. They watch the contemporary "News" shows and form opinions, sometimes violent ones. 

Earlier in my life, I looked to see what was wrong with the world.  My life assumed a victimhood role with an "ain't it awful" attitude. It was very real to me. I painted myself so tightly into that corner that suicide seemed like the only alternative. 

After tasting the gun oil, one afternoon, the Cosmos offered me an alternative way of being. I had to change.  Pain can be a great motivator. Today, my attitude is different. Like many Awakening people, I maintain the attitude, "How can I be helpful in some way to the world, today?"  I want to evolve today. I want to be part of the solution today, not part of the problem.

As many of you know, over four years ago, we formed the Oneness Doorway Group.  We created a multidimensional "structure" that we call The Temple Of Now.  It took us a couple of years to develop a sequential guideline that provided spiritual experiences to those who were ready.  

We've had quite a variety of people attend. Twelve-steppers are always in the mix.  We've had Native Americans, channels, empaths, woods-walkers, social workers, artists, psychologists, ministers, and working folks. People from all over MA and CT have attended. At least six people from Brattleboro, VT have stopped by. some more than once.  An artist from Portland, Maine arrived one Sunday and we even hosted a man from Hollywood, CA.  All of these people were Awakening in some way, often many ways at once!.

 Last week we had a first-time gentleman attend who called himself a metaphysician and a dowser. I had not met him before. As we began the afternoon, he related that there were 40 others in the room besides the 10 of us incarnates.  An hour later, he mentioned that there were now 78  beings in the room. 

It is fairly common to be aware of beings from other densities and dimensions at our gathering.  A couple of years ago, I was told that the room was filled with Native Americans who were singing along with me.  I have seen angels with wings ministering to people.  We have interfaced with Inner Earth people.  One time I felt that there were thousands of people in the Temple  Of Now.  This is what happens when you build a multidimensional Temple. 

I asked the metaphysician how long has it been since he's had these abilities to be aware of other beings.  He said about 3 years.  I thought to myself that this was typical of people who are "waking up" and becoming MORE of who they are.  So many of us are becoming more psychic, more Aware, cognitive, telepathic and all of that stuff.   This is what is happening all over our world. The Awakening is finally happening!!!

Many of us feel a sense of urgency that we want to make as much spiritual progress as we can.  Spiritual progress is not always spent in the meditative state.  Clearing ourselves of control issues, fears, resentments as well as old and new karma is extremely important. What is more important in my day than my daily visit with me and my Source?