About Us

Our Attitude

This gathering may seem unusual to a first-time attendee. This group is  not aligned with any particular religion, although many of us come from different faiths.  This spiritual gathering doesn’t ask that you believe in anything, worship anything or support anything. We don’t judge you or take your power away. We don’t consider ourselves survile beings, either. We are not subservient to anything. We stand in our own sovereignty and integrity as evolving co-creators.

We especially support people who have been feeling the new galactic spiritual energies that have been affecting our planet and its peoples for awhile now.  Our group shows people what is happening to our reality, what to expect, how to adapt, and what is necessary to harmonize with this new paradigm of beingness. We recommend attending at least 6 weekly activations for a more permanent spiritual transformation and to become consciously aware of the energies of the new emerging reality.   It is about ascending out of the present  dense polarized system of control, domination and self-serving.  By dedicating ourselves to our own evolution, many of us have experienced profound awakenings, additional perspectives, new connections, improved physical health, healing of old mental habits and dramas, more love for others, and and a desire to be of service to others. 

Intent and Purpose.

 This group was created from the Highest Intent and continues to serve the Highest intent.   This group IS also aligned with  the Twelve Step template that originated with Alcoholics Anonymous.  The main purpose of our gathering is to embrace the highest probability for HUmankind and our planet’s evolutionary path. We do this by focusing upon our own personal spiritual growth as well as coming together for co-resonance and synergized Activation.   

Discussion Topics

The ONENESS DOORWAY GROUP has covered many spiritual topics since September of 2014. Some of them are basic but we also have also introduced information that has not been on-planet for over 213,000 years. Here is a partial list of some of the topics and themes that we discuss:

  • Realizing Our Full Multi-dimensional Potential as Angelic HUman  Beings
  • MetaCosmic Experiences
  • Natural Law and Conscious Evolution
  • Finding, Nurturing and Honoring Our Own Individual Path
  • Bridging ourselves into the new Incoming Reality.
  • Tangible Structure Of The Soul


There are many groups that use the term, "Family Of light."  We are NOT aligned with any religion or organization that may use that name "Family Of Light."  We feel that ultimately our alignment is beyond name and number.  

More About Us

Respecting Your Individuation


And, keep in mind, that if any of what I or anyone else says during this hour does not align with your own personal Divinity, feel free to let your Highest Self bring you where you need to be with your own thoughts.   We promote Freedom Teachings here, not control teachings. The quiet time after the discussion is about your own connection with Creation, nobody else’s.  

The Children Of God


Towards the beginning of the meeting, we go around the room and introduce ourselves and maybe take a brief minute or two to say what drew us here, today. How has this gathering helped us? If you have a talent or a business that you would like to network, you can mention that, too. After the meeting we often exchange Email addresses and telephone numbers. It is wonderful to be here with you in the Fellowship Of The Spirit.

Multidimensional Area


The Oneness Doorway Group worked for 2 years to create a multidimensional structure here, so that Higher Kristic vibrations can more easily enter our planetary environment.  We call this multidimensional area THE TEMPLE OF NOW. The candle votive serves only as a 3D  depiction of the densities and dimensions of manifest Creation. It is not the etheric environment itself.

Starting and Ending Times


It may be noted here that while our group has a starting time of 1:30 PM, there is no way of determining a specific ending time because, mosttimes, we transcend the Earth-time-coordinates during the meditation.  We let the meditation itself take us where we need to be. We don’t want to limit our spiritual experience.

Candle Votive


LIGHT CANDLES   For thousands of years, people have gathered around a camp fire to talk of their plans, listen to the oral traditions of the elders, or cook their food. This votive is a symbolic campfire with many many  meanings. It also serves as a festive kinetic decoration that incorporates  candles, lights, flowers, water goblets, electronics and incense.

Celebrating the Unity of Our Diversity


We come together for our Highest Eternal Good. We are the Co-creators who have aligned with  the Intent of Life itself.  You know things that I don't know. I know things that you don't know. When we come together as Co-creators and in the spirit of Co-operation, we all benefit and enjoy the perspectives that each one of us has.