These ACTIVATIONS and HARMONIZATIONS are cutting edge meditation-like fun that includes affirmations and toning.  If you want to actualize and realize more of your inactive potentials, we invite you to consider synergizing with our group.  There is NO CHARGE because this is considered a Service to HUmankind, not a business.

Dave works at a corporate "health-care" facility and was discouraged about the deteriorating quality of care given to both employees and patients.  He sent me the following Email after attending only one Sunday Activation & Harmonization session on 19FEB2018  

"Bill --  i just have to tell you that I had the most peaceful day at work today. I had time and love to give to my residents. Thanks for helping me find my way back to me -- Dave

  • The pay-off for setting this  High Intention for yourself is a feeling of integration.
  •  A feeling of identity-completion
  •  A feeling of life-fulfillment and a richness beyond comprehension. 
  •  We have aligned with the Plan for Life and the Plan of Creation.  
  •  New ways of thinking emerge. 
  •  We discover additional aspects of ourselves that give us a sense of co-resonance and support.  
  • We attract people of similar vibration.  
  • Our cognitive abilities increase.  
  • We become more psychic.   
  • Awareness begins to seem limitless.
  • We perceive things we never knew were there.  They seem to emerge from the ethers. But what is really happening is that we are awakening our own DNA which allows us to see and interact with dimensions that were formerly unavailable to us.  
  • Much of the fear and dread that we have lived with seems to disappear. This is because we are rising above the dense polarities of Harmonic Universe 1. 
  • Our finite existence merges into the understanding that we are eternal.
  • We have tapped into an unlimited resource of Love and Power.
  • We discover that we are great multi-dimensional multi-density beings.
  • We are learning to stand in our sovereignty and and integrity.
  • We move from being locked into our individual mental and intellectual bodies and find that we are merging consciously with Universal Mind.
  • The excruciating feeling of victimhood falls away.
  • Unlimited expansion becomes more than a possibility; it becomes a reality.
  • Regular attendees seem to have improved health.  People claim to have been physically healed.


The above statements cannot possibly describe the expanded way-of-being that has emerged for some of us. We find ourselves meeting and aligning with other aspects of ourselves. our own refracted soul elements. I find that I am not only “me,” but there are many “mes.” I am also  “them.”  I am each aspect of myself and I ams also the collective of my aspects.  I am the drop and I am also the sea. 


Come join us and celebrate your individual Awakening with us.  You know you are somehow special; otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this information