The Web is very much alive with people talking about "Ascension", Fifth Dimension, ETs, UFOs, religions, philosophies and spirituality. I feel, however, that our own Truth can only be obtained by going within ourselves through meditation. "The only way out is in," I say!  

To move to the next higher stratum of consciousness (Harmonic Universe Two (composed of Dimensions 4, 5, and 6.), we have to raise our own personal frequency so that we are able to co-resonate with HU-2. Also involved in this fantastic opportunity is the raising of our collective planetary "frequency, too.  

This is a very complicated process because it involves things like the very design of the Time Matrix. But to keep it simple, those of us who are consciously evolving, are very dedicated to clearing ourselves of resentments, fears and cleaning up the karma we have created this lifetime.  Some of us came to this lifetime to clean up karma from previous lifetimes, as well.

Another very important alignment attribute to have is a service-to-others alignment. Have I dedicated my life to work towards the highest good for all? All the great beings that I really respect are service-to-others people. 

And I need to make the time and take the time to access the Higher inner parts of ourselves.  People call this inner wisdom gestalt, our Higher Self(ves), Master Consciousness, All That Is, Universal Mind, The Great Spirit, God's Mind, etc.  I like to think that I am downloading from the Source of Love, Consciousness and Life Force. 

We are great beings who became ensnared in a huge drama that has involved many galactic races and spanned 25,000,000 earth years of time. Earth HUmans were wiped out twice and had to be re-seeded.  We ended up here in the densest of the harmonic universes.  But thanks to the tireless work of millions of people from all over the time matrix, and in all of the harmonic universes, it looks like we  have an opportunity to, not only survive, but to return ourselves to be the great multi-dimensional multi-density beings that we were constructed to be. This is very exciting to me.

We have conversations about Ascension every Sunday. We call our group The Oneness Doorway Group.  The place we meet is called The Temple Of Now.  After our discussion, we have what I like to call an Activation and Harmonization time.  This is where we assimilate what we have learned into our energetic signature (DNA activation).

Our group is not about religions, although many of us come from different faiths.

For each one of us it is about re-kindling our sacred connection to our own Source.  Many of us, including myself, have had some beautiful spiritual gifts given to us.  Of course, some of the experiences are beyond words.

And people bring a cake, a pie, or a casserole or soup for our pot luck food, afterwards.  It has become a very worth-while afternoon for some of us.


AUGUST 17TH, 2018

I just received  this Email from a passionate seeker, this past Thursday. I thought that you would appreciate his words, because of your own efforts at trying to understand spirituality 

'Hey Bill. I just finished reading the emails you sent. I'd love to check out your group. I've been struggling connecting with my Higher Power because I keep trying to believe in Jesus or Jehova or Allah. I seem to be trapped by religion mentally. I keep trying to force myself to believe these things that in my heart I know are "wrong" or false. I had a spiritual experience when I was 19 in prison and I got that through reading the bible and prayer so I keep trying to get it back but my belief has changed and I get nothing out of scripture or church anymore. I wish I could just believe but I can't. I do believe there's a Higher Power or God out there though. I know there's something but I can't figure out who or what that is. I've been a Christian, a Muslim and even studied with Jehovas Witnesses for a while. I also gave Buddhism a shot for a while. In prison I also attended Jewish services and met with a rabbi weekly. I've been in churches, mosques and temples searching hard but to no avail. I feel most connected to "something" when I'm in the woods or at a lake or river. Trying to find God has been such a struggle and actually has me in a pretty deep depression because I feel like it'll never happen again. Anyways I'm just whining It's always good to see you


My Reply:

Well, thank you for sharing that very sincere and intimate part of yourself with me. I, too, knew I had to find this thing that a lot of people called "God" or "Higher Power."  My family of origin went to the Episcopal church.  During the 1970s, everyone, including the Beatles, was getting a guru.  My sister and her husband had a guru and they drove me down to NYC to receive the guru's "Knowledge" which would save me.  My life was in shambles. The guru wasn't at the "ashram" that day, but some of his assistants from India were there. One of the main requirements for being "saved" was that you had to give up your attachment to all of your worldly possessions;  and, of course, give them to these guys.  In those days, there were a lot of plane loads of jewelry, money and people's worldly goods flying to India! 


And I looked at Taoism, and Buddhism and I studied the Bhavadgita for more than a couple of years.  i went to various christian churches and became interested in the New Thought religions. I even attended a New Thought ministerial school and I tried to start a church, which was a lot of work. After taking even more courses, I worked for awhile as a chaplain for a church down in Connecticut.  

I spent years trying to make sense of New Age spirituality; a lot of that stuff was downright dangerous. I feel I was damaged but i realize now that it could have been a lot worse, if it weren't for my 6th sense that kept me safe.  

I did fire-walks and sweat lodges and many many types of meditations.  I worked for a Body- Mind-Spirit traveling show promoter, which stiffed me and a lot of other folks out of dough.  And then there were the diabolical merkaba "leaders" who took advantage of seekers and newbies. 

i've been on many retreats, received a Certificate from the University of Science and Philosophy. I've taught meditation. I created and ran a New Age spiritual newspaper which took every cent I had and cost me a marriage. I did many solo meditations in remote areas, including meditations on mountains at night. - I read hundreds and hundreds of books and publications, studied the Science Of Creation, and got to know many of my own past lives.  I studied The Forbidden History of Earth and did exercises to awaken my own DNA.

For some of us, seeking this thing called "God" has to be done with our complete soul.  There is a Natural Law that states: "Seek and Ye shall find."  So, with that cosmic Law in mind, I will tell you, yes, I have found a Connection to this thing called Source. You can call it the Master Consciousness or All That Is. But, amazingly, I can say that I also feel I've connected to me!  I encourage you to keep going, to keep seeking, for I believe that you will uncover what you need to find that will satisfy your heart. 

At my present state of development, I think I understand what Jesus meant when he is alleged to have said, "I and The Father are one." I feel that, yes, I am part of this thing calledSource and I have been given the gift and sense of individuation.   

This Connection, however, seems to be beyond the words of our present 3D level of understanding.  i like to say, "If you can't describe it, you've found it!"  How can we describe a 

Source that has unlimited dimensions and densities, with a 3D mind?


Our phone call revealed that you want to stop by and check us out on Sunday.  If you have a computer, you can go to, if you want.  We've been meeting here for over 4 years and the format modifies as we grow.  I don't like to call it "a meditation"  I like to think of it as more of an Activation and Harmonization.   

More Commentaries


22JUL18  Again we celebrate another Sunday gathering of souls who have made the choice to evolve into the new harmonic of reality. No, this is not some kind of a religion or cult or New Age low-consciousness dribble. 

Small groups, similar to this one, are composed of people who feel the Planetary Awakening stirring within them. These groups are located all over the world, but are not connected by rules, charters or controls like religions are.  These groups are part of the growing points of spiritual Light that are nurturing, celebrating and exploring the new planetary frequencies of greater Love, reduced polarity, and an influx of metaphysical interests. These include increased psychic abilities, telepathic incidents, "coincidences," and an expanded awareness about Mother Nature, the cosmos, and the wonder of life. 

We watch religions close churches everywhere. We watch the old corrupt political systems noisily scrambling, still, for power, trying, once again to hoodwink the citizens. We have been mutated, poisoned, dumbed-down, lied-to, and covertly misled for thousands of years. But you cannot stop this Awakening, because it is happening at the Atomic level.

Thousands a day still die from drugs, and more thousands a day die from the drugs they offer as a "cure." Its the same old story, "Create the problem. Then offer the solution."  It is the last mutation of the HUman race. The medical system has terribly violated their opportunity to be of service to HUmankind.  And we watch it all go down. Or do we? If we place our attention on our dying obsolete reality, we become part of it.

There are many beings who do not put their attention on conspiracy theories, corruption and the old, dying reality that no longer serves Life.  They focus on creating the New Reality, the New World, or whatever you want to call it. 

Every Sunday we learn how to nurture ourselves through this huge planetary change. We learn what is happening and how to adapt.  Like a surfer, we find it very helpful to ride these wonderful new energies. The HUman race is once again, Awakening to, and Harmonizing with, the Purpose of Life itself.  We are aligning with Creation, not mis-creation.  We promote life-technologies, not death technologies.  We promote freedom, not control. 

We are back on the Road to re-awakening ourselves to be the great Co-creators we were designed to be.  We are great multi-density, multi-dimensional beings who have the potential to go anywhere in Creation.

Let us nurture one another in this awakening process. We can do this thing people!!!

Sending you all my Love,

Bill Mitnik



If you are drawn, this  weekend, come join us and celebrate your individual Awakening with us.   You know you are somehow special; otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this  information.  When we come together in the spirit of co-operation, the  things you know and the things I know come together, and we all win.

For an increasing number of people, we continue to move forward with excited confidence.

  • We feel the new energies!
  • Many of us have a feeling of identity-completion
  • Some of us experience a feeling of life-fulfillment and a richness beyond comprehension. 
  • We have aligned with the Plan for Life and the Plan of Creation.  
  • New ways of thinking emerge. 
  • We discover additional aspescts of ourselves that give us a sense of co-resonance and support.  
  • We attract people of similar vibration.  
  • Our cognitive abilities increase.  
  • We become more psychic.   
  • Awareness begins to seem limitless.
  • We  perceive things we never knew were there.  They seem to emerge from the  ethers. But what is really happening is that we are awakening our own  DNA which allows us to see and interact with dimensions that were  formerly unavailable to us.  
  • Much of the fear and dread that we  have lived with seems to disappear. This is because we are rising above  the dense polarities of Harmonic Universe One. 
  •  Our finite existence merges into the understanding that we are eternal.
  • We have tapped into an unlimited resource of Love and Power.
  • We discover that we are great multi-dimensional multi-density beings.
  • We are learning to stand in our sovereignty and and integrity.
  • We  move from being locked into our individual mental and intellectual  bodies and find that we are merging consciously with Universal Mind.
  • The excruciating feeling of victimhood falls away.
  • Unlimited expansion becomes more than a possibility; it becomes a reality.
  • Regular attendees seem to have improved health.  People claim to have been physically healed.


The above statements attempt to describe the expanded way-of-being that  has emerged for some of us. We find ourselves meeting and aligning with  other aspects of ourselves. our own refracted soul elements. I find that  I am not only “me,” but there are many “mes.” I am also  “them.”  I am  each aspect of myself and I am also the collective of my aspects.  I am  the drop and I am also the sea.

This week we we will again talk about the new incoming energies that are  transforming this planet — what to expect and how to adapt.
And we have fun, too.
Oneness Doorway Group Sundays at 1:30 PM  potluck foods, snacks, no alcohol, pot or drugs please.  12-Step friendly.
139 Feeding Hills Road, Cabin C, Westfield, MA.
Contact Bill M @ 413 562 0582 (land)..

Nurturing The Highest Probability for Angelic HUmans.
Bridging into the Incoming Reality-Time Transition.
Finding, Nurturing and Honoring Your Own Path
Jesus Teachings that were omitted by the Bible
Realizing Our Full 15-dimensional Potential
Assistance Into The New Way of Being.
Natural Law and Conscious Evolution
Discussion and Meditation
Network and Synergize
Pot Luck afterwards.
(12-Step friendly)

Meets Sundays in Westfield, MA at:
139 Feeding Hills Road, Cabin C
(driveway to the right of large stockade fence)
(follow "Bill's Place sign)
Landline 413 562 0582
Arrival time 1:15 PM

Who attends?  

Last week's attendees included:

  • A sacred circle dance instructor.
  • Two professional artists —,
  • A retired Manhattan real estate lady with much spiritual development.
  • An ex-engineer who is taking a break and is living at the Sirius Community and exploring many spiritual paths.
  • A rapidly Awakening man with degrees in biology and psychology.
  • A woman who discovered she is a channel and is integrating that ability into her own rapidly expanding spiritual awakening.
  • A computer systems tech who is celebrating his spiritual awakening, too.
  • A former commercial sales woman who has stepped up to be an important supporting group member.
  • The owner of a building painting business who is also a talented empath.
  • A young couple who work in the field of public education and are expanding their spiritual potentials.
  • A single mother who is rebuilding and redirecting her life as an empowered woman.
  • People in 12-Step recovery.

Abundant food, drinks and snacks nurture our physical vehicles while the silence of our communication with our Source nurtures our souls.

We learned about the importance of clearing our own unwanted energy patters. We  are not victims. Our words and thoughts are our Co-Creator tools. Our breath is the transcendental device for integrating our conscious selves with our eternal selves. We are the Creators of the New World that is rapidly emerging on our planet. We are empowered and stand in our sovereignty and integrity as the great beings that we truly are.  

By coming together, we not only celebrate the unity of our diversity, a synergism of consciousness and energy activates us and propels us into higher stratums of life experiences. 


June 17, 2018

Bridging Two Worlds In One Lifetime.

The Development of Heightened Physical Senses and Psychic Abilities.



Meets at The Temple Of Now.

Newest Video:

Oneness Doorway Group[
meets at
The Temple Of Now
Sundays 1:30 PM
139 Feeding Hills Road (follow the "Bill's Place" signs)
413 562 0582

The best to you and yours. You are the best!

All my Love,

Bill Mitnik

Flower Box JUNE 2018
Flower Box JUNE 2018




This has typically been a small group of people who are serious about their own spiritual growth and evolution.

The meeting structure consists of:









Pot Luck food and snacks.-- free -- 12-step aligned. --
No religion -- just natural law.



139 Feeding Hills Road

Westfield, MA 01085

413 562 0582