I just got off the phone with a 71 year old friend of mine. She is an Awakened spiritual gal and we call one another a couple of times a year.  She is unusual in that she can remember coming into this time matrix and the planets that she has manifested on.  People who don’t spend time on other density planets like the Pleiades, for instance, before coming to Earth, usually have a hard time being on this dense, very polarized planet.   

I studied The Tangible Structure Of The Soul in a Keylontic Science course about 20 years ago, so talking about densities and dimensions and time matrices with her is easy for me.  She is not tied to the Human karmic debt and has open memory many realms; so we are able to talk about things that we cannot speak with other people about  Other people would call the white uniformed people with the nets to come and get us.  

She talked about living with her husband on a small farm in Connecticut.  One day, a woman from the farm down the road phoned and asked if she could drop by and visit her. The woman arrived and walked up onto the small porch and knocked on the back door.  My friend opened the door and said “Come on in.”  The woman hesitated, and did not enter. My friend asked her again to come in.  The woman said, “What happened to the inside of your house?  All I see is a white haze.”  My friend said, “Don’t worry, I’ll bring it down for you.”  My friend liked to manifest a 5D reality while she was alone in her home; because 5D was much more comfortable to her than 3D.  The neighbor called on her a couple of times after that, but never would enter the house.


Later in the phone call, while My friend and I were talking about some of the crudeness of life on Earth, she informed me that she had been raped twice.  One time, she said, she was at a party at a girlfriend’s house and she found herself drugged by someone.  She was aware of what was going on but was paralyzed.  The man took her to a fancy motel and began doing his dastardly deed.  My friend, who could not move, but was aware of everything that was happening, brought Spirit down and filled her own body with Spirit.  This of course affected the male and he could not finish his job.  She thinks that the man paid another woman to drug her, to set her up.

We also talked about having sex. We both agreed  -- always make it a 3-way. Always invite God to be with the both of you. Pray before, during and after sex. Always create with God, not outside of God.

Most people do not know about their own selves. We have been dumbed down, lied to, poisoned and misled for thousands of years.  But we are reawakening at this time. 

We have a group that meets Sunday afternoons at 1:30 where we discuss a variety of topics. One of the topics is Tangible Structure Of The Soul. We also talk about the new incoming energies that are transforming this planet — what to expect and how to adapt.  

After the discussion we have an Activation and Harmonization quiet time.  Join us.