I say that it is manditory that everyone view this video at least one time. Many of us are experiencing all sorts of weird mental and physical symptoms that just don't make sense to us, medically. This video by VIDYA FRAZIER gives an easy-to-understand explanation about what is going on and how the Earth's Ascension process is affecting us physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Go to YouTube or her site to view more videos or purchase her books.


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ONENESS by Rasha

 This is a hugely comprehensive book about the process that our planet is presently experiencing. How do you handle having one foot in each reality, for example?   As we enter this new reality, we will not be able to go back to the old dying corrupt reality for answers because the old reality is irrelevant.  

ONENESS STUDY GROUP has been using this book as the main text for our group discussions. The book is so packed, that we read one or two sentences at the most, and then discuss the meaning. For more information on the teachings of Oneness through Rasha, click on the ONENESS logo."

Meditations Of Oneness CD by Rasha


Every Sunday, our Oneness Doorway Group plays a track or two of this CD so that we can move from our limited conscious mind into Universal Mind.  This is where we can experience our finite selves merging with our eternal selves. If we follow our own mind back to the source of our mind, guess where it will bring us? Read our BENEFITS page. i recognize this CD as part of Natural Law, As It Is, a master template for living. 

I would say that Jim Oliver and Rasha put this CD together with a harmony and beauty that is beyond words -- one of the best I've ever experienced in my life.  Jim Oliver's music is designed to beautifully affect our physical body's health, as well. 

CLICK on the album cover to enter into the EXPERIENCE of Oneness.

Jim Oliver

Advocate and Nurture yourself.

Jim Oliver.  This man combines Divinity and sound vibration that is wonderful for nurturing the harmonization and activation of the Angelic HUman design.  

Jim is one of many souls who are here to support you, to encourage you to find your Path, your true identity and your Divine Mission.  He has engineered healing frequencies to treat many maladies.

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