The TEMPLE OF NOW is a multidimensional "doorway"  that extends out through the dimensions and densities of this time matrix to Original Source, the Source of Love, the Source of Life and the Intention of Life itself. It took two years to create this etheric multidimensional “place.”  Its purpose is to provide a conduit for a direct download of non-distorted supportive energies and consciousness

For regular attendees, we feel that there is definitely “something” here. The empathic people can “see” the energies.  For each person, the experience is different, depending upon their intention and how much DNA they have activated so far. We support freedom teachings, here, not control teachings.

And, although every week is different, every week some kind of profound experience occurs, it seems, for most of us. Last week a man saw a block of white light resting in front of him. One week, an Algonquin Native American woman attended and several people claimed that the room was filled with Native Americans (etheric) who were singing.  

We all feel that we are learning, expanding, activating and harmonizing. It seems like we have activated an unlimited pathway into the many mansions of God. This is validated every week by people. 


 A "power spot" was created here in Westfield, MA during 2014-2015 by Bill Mitnik, Peg Robbins and other souls. This was done by sacred Intention, visualization and energy-consciousness management.  


Its purpose was to construct a 12th Dimensional "doorway" so that Kristic frequencies like Love and High Intention could enter and manifest within our planet's collective morphogenetic system. This multidimensional "temple" serves as a healing place as well as an  etheric connecting gate that leads beyond 3D time and matter. 

First-time Attendee Testimonial 19FEB2018

"Bill --  i just have to tell you that I had the most peaceful day at work today. I had time and love to give to my residents. Thanks for helping me find my way back to me -- Dave



(continued from HOME Page)  --  into Planet Earth. We need all we can get to break free and move into higher stratums of of experiencing. More than two energy-empathic souls have told us that they can see the energies around and within this space. They say they are pretty blown away by this experience. 


We feel that the directed Intention of this "temple" continues to affect the quality of collective and individual consciousness at the planetary, galactic and time matrix levels. Regular atendeessee and feel the changes.  Read the BENEFITS page on this site to get an idea of what is happening at the individual level,  

The Temple Of Now is part of a much greater gestalt.

This effort is part of a greater energy gestalt that is affecting our planet right now. Once an individual accretes a certain level of knowledge, it becomes a responsibility of that person to try and use that knowledge to co-create what they feel is the Highest Good for All. 


The candle-incense votive in the pictures on this site have nothing to do with the energies. But the candle location on the lower tier  does symbolize the 12 dimensions of manifestation, The next higher set of 3 candles symbolize three dimensions that begin to change thought-light into manifest matter, The next 3 staggered candles symbolize the silent sound frequencies of pre-light thought and the top candle symbolizes the Original Source of the first eternal light

The importance of coming together for synergism.

The votive is symbolic and decorative. It might be compared to a campfire where people listened to the oral traditions of the elders, while they all sat around a fire. We are people who are trying to do our part to raise our own individuated consciousness as well as the collective consciousness of ourselves. These are very exciting times. Whether you choose to CONTACT us and say "hi" or not, we wish you the very best for you in all ways. 

Who was the artist who created the "INVITATION" picture at the top of this page?

This beautiful rendition of energies around The Temple Of Now comes from the brushes and pens of LAUREN CHURCHILL  of Griswold, CT.