structure of the soul ascension CLICK ON PICTURE FOR VIDEO



Essential information explains the path of the soul, up through the dimensionalization of the Time Matrix.  DENSITIES and DIMENSIONS are illustrated with easy charts and audio explanations. A gem for SERIOUS SEEK


Ascension From Planet Earth Part I

A great primer video depicting the present cycle of birth-death and reincarnation on Planet Earth.  Then it is shown how to transcend the de-evolving 3D reality and move up into other higher ways of being.  17 minutes 17 seconds.

The New Emerging Reality 22FEB18


Bill Mitnik talks about his experience with the new emerging reality. Ascending into this new way of being has its challenges for people.  Bill relates his perspective so that Awakening people will not be confused or fearful.  He encourages people to embrace this evolutionary opportunity, nurture it, advocate it and become it. 

clearing cellular memories of fear, resentments, old traumas.

Past Life (general info)

Past Life General Info -- Bill Mitnik

Preparatory video for PART TWO gives general information about past lifetimes and leads into the reason for the Past Life reading.

Actual Past Life Drama

Actual Past Life Reading -- Bill Mitnik

This is an actual Past Life reading by the Channel, Peg Robbins.  This is the horriffic drama that needs to be healed and transmuted.

Healing PL Trauma


This video is about answers and explanations that were needed so that the soul could continue its expansion and ascension. (video  no ready, yet)

Future Video Here


More videos are at different stages of production.

Future Video Here


More videos are at different stages of production.

Future Video Here


More videos are at different stages of production.


Ascension Assistance

Peg Robbins, Professional Channel

Peg Robbins has been channelling for 40 years.  In a pre-birth agreement, she aligned with a 9D group who call themselves "The Ones."  Peg is a professional channel who embodies a high frequency of spiritual  development. CLICK PICTURE for a sample reading. Call her: U.S. 828 461 3588

Your Own Awakening


A friendly conversation with Bill about our evolutionary path and our status with our present planetary experience.  He talks about how to align with the new energies coming into our planet at the atomic level.  He also talks about the importance of DNA activation.  CLICK PICTURE

Hope For Humankind


Bill Mitnik shares his perspective and hope for HUmankind's destiny. These are very exciting times for our planet and its peoples.  The Final Conflict Drama is almost over and a new beginning awaits those who choose to ascend into the new reality.  CLICK PICTURE

Ascension Books & Videos


Vidya Frazier has produced several clear and easy-to-understand videos to help people transmute into the new reality.  "Many of us are also feeling extraordinary shifts happening within our own lives. We are awakening to a new consciousness. Old painful patterns are arising, along with unprecedented loss in our relationships, our work, and our financial situations. 

Our old sense of identity and feeling of safety are being challenged. Intense emotions seem to arise out of nowhere..."  CLICK PICTURE

They Met Before Time Began


In this session, Peg Robbins channels information on Bill Mitnik's part in the Third Seeding of HUmankind on Planet Earth; a most interesting scan of time and drama. Peg is a high consciousness being who can access at least 9 dimensions through The Ones, the collective that communicates with her.  She has much information to bring to the HUmankind collective as well as individuals. For information or to make an appointment call U.S. 828 461 3588

Spacecraft Ride Rejected


I  met a beautiful man from India one time who told me that he had always  wanted to take a ride into outer space.  One day he was invited by some  friendly ETs to go on a SPACECRAFT RIDE.  He told me that they orbited  Earth twice and then went out into deep space. He lost all sense of  direction out there, then they brought him back. I once regressed a  Troy, NY woman who had been abducted several times by negative ETs. She  was brought to labs, examined and damaged, an awful experience for her. CLICK PICTURE.